10-30% cost savings THANKS TO 5S

The concepts of „lean manufacturing“ or „lean office“ stand simply for improvement of efficiency and the steps related to achieving this goal. And although we encounter such initiatives mostly in larger companies, small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals can successfully benefit from these concepts too.

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Article published in Know How Klub

The managing director of FOREAST Agency Bc. Peter Staško, MSc, MBA has published several interesting articles on lean management. You can read them in the prestigious Know How Klub magazine.


Project management differently

We have prepared a sample presentation of the project management by the company FOREAST Agency for our clients. Project management is introduced directly with the client during the implementation and realization of trainings and tools.

We manage projects using the CLARIZEN, software, a project web interface which enables the client to monitor the exact activity of his resource.


Under construction

Under construction


Lean production: success recipe for every company

Lean production and interim management are two concepts currently being used by many companies with increased tendency. The reason? Pressure to run businesses more and more efficiently, „cutting“ of unnecessary expense and the necessity to eliminate everything which in practice does not become a part of the customer service.

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New services offered

We have prepared a new selection of service packages with comprehensive solutions, which our clients may take advantage of at their convenience. The packages have been put together to encompass a wide range of solutions, attuned directly to the requirements of our clients.


Service package for efficient problem solving in situations requiring an immediate and non-binding solution.

FOREAST "Comfort"

Service package for clients requiring training and efficient improvement of employee qualifications at short notice.

FOREAST "Exclusive"

Service package prepared for clients requiring selection of project solution, the respective planning as well as comprehensive customized realization.

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Cooperation with PEGAS Nonwowens

The company PEGAS Nonwovens has chosen us as the partner for implementing a new quality management system. The company PEGAS Nonwovens is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of nonwoven fabrics with an annual turnover of 4 billion CZK. The company is listed at the stock exchange.

We have developed and will be implementing a new quality system PQS – Pegas Quality System for the company PEGAS Nonwowens.For further information please see the annual report 2010 výročná správa published on 29th April 2011.