Efficiency and Optimisation Experts

Falling sales? ?
Rising costs?
Unpredictable investments?
Low productivity?
Discouraged employees?

We offer top-quality consulting along with project management, a combination that enables the people in charge to make strategic decisions without the burden of increased volume of work. Exactly the opposite is the case. We teach you a more efficient approach to problems and optimise the processes so that your managers – our customers – will have substantially more time for the things that really matter.

Give us a couple of days and together we shall find solutions where earlier you saw only problems and discover opportunities in places where you didn’t think that any existed.


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We help you achieve success

Our assistance includes cooperation with managers of businesses, mostly in the area of manufacturing, for which we analyse the opportunities to increase efficiency and optimise processes. In case of interest we also have the means to carry out recommendations based on these analyses and employ project management tools in order to take part in the successful implementation of lean production tools.

We offer you help in the following areas:

  • Efficiency, Optimising and Cost Reduction Consulting (lean production, Six Sigma, efficient trade)
  • Outsourcing of Services and Management (crisis management, strategic project management)
  • Human Resources Development (coaching, trainings, managerial skills)


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